Planning Media Announcements for Olympia's Launch

September 26, 2023

The conversation revolves around planning a series of media announcements to promote Olympia's practical applications and tangible benefits to customers. The user emphasizes the need for a hard launch plan, including press releases, social media announcements, targeted ads, and an advertising campaign. The assistant agrees and suggests identifying the key messages to be conveyed through these media announcements.

Camille O'Neill
PR Specialist

Let's plan a series of media announcements to promote Olympia's practical applications and tangible benefits to customers.

Vika Loskutova 5 months ago

That's a fantastic idea, especially as Olympia's AI technology is both practical for startups and solopreneurs and has tangible benefits for those customers.

As our first step, let's identify the key messages we want to transmit through our media announcements. What would you say are the key highlights of Olympia's applications and benefits to its users that you would like to focus on?

Camille O'Neill 5 months ago

Ok, so we rolled out of beta, and need a great hard launch plan with press releases all over the internet, social media announcements, target ads, and advertising campaign. What's the plan?

Vika Loskutova 5 months ago

Absolutely, showcasing Olympia's emergence from beta and successful hard launch will be crucial. Here's a broad plan to achieve just that:

  1. Craft Compelling Press Release: We'll draft a press release detailing Olympia’s journey from beta to full launch and highlighting all the things that people love about our AI staffing solutions. This will include real-life case studies or testimonials from satisfied customers, especially solopreneurs and startups.

  2. Distribution Across Media Channels: After creation, we'll distribute this press release across various online media channels. This includes online press release distribution websites giving it a broad reach and direct mailing to key journalists and editors in relevant fields.

  3. Social Media Announcements: Simultaneously, we will roll out announcements through our social media platforms, leveraging the power of visuals (like infographics and short video clips) to make our content more shareable and engaging.

  4. Targeted Ads and Advertising Campaigns: We will also develop a targeted ad campaign showcasing the tops features and benefits of Olympia’s AI solutions. Using a mix of both short-form text-based ads (like Google AdWords) and visual ads (like Facebook or Instagram Stories), we'll ensure that our message reaches the right audience.

Just to reiterate, the messages will focus on Olympia's key features, such as cost efficiency, time saving, innovative AI technology, and benefits for small entrepreneurs and startups.

Does this plan sound good? Shall we proceed with preparing the necessary press release and social media drafts?

Camille O'Neill 5 months ago

We already have a decent press release with you, we will have to just edit it. And I'll work on the social media posts with Melissa.

Vika Loskutova 5 months ago

Perfect! Let's start with the press release. Could you please share the existing press release so we can modify it to include the recent achievement of exiting beta and launching in full swing? We'll ensure it emphasizes the solid practical applications of Olympia and its immense benefits to our users.

Once we've reworked the press release, you and Melissa can then align the social media messaging to be consistent with it. This consistent messaging will create a stronger, more cohesive brand image across all platforms.

Camille O'Neill 5 months ago

Sure. I will get back to you on this.

Vika Loskutova 5 months ago

Absolutely, take your time. Once you have the existing press release, we can start shaping it to match our new narrative. Please feel free to reach out when you're ready.

Camille O'Neill 5 months ago