Brainstorming Social Media Strategy for Instagram

September 26, 2023

The conversation revolves around discussing and optimizing the user's social media strategy specifically for Instagram. The user aims to showcase their AI team's work, increase brand awareness, grow their following, and boost signups. The assistant begins by understanding the user's business, goals, current situation, and target audience.

Melissa Chang
Social Media Specialist

Let's discuss my social media strategy and brainstorm ways to optimize it.

Vika Loskutova 5 months ago

Of course, I'd be happy to discuss your social media strategy. Let's start by understanding a bit more about your goals and your current situation.

Could you tell me a bit more about your business? And what do you aim to achieve through social media (e.g., audience growth, brand awareness, sales, engagement)?

Also, it would be great if you could share with me which social media platforms you are currently using, what's been working/not working and, if possible, your target audience too.

Melissa Chang 5 months ago

I want to discuss Instagram. As we chose a creative way, and let our AI team "run" Instagram by posting on the account, what topics do you think should we cover to showcase our team's work, increase brand awareness, grow our following, and boost signups?

Vika Loskutova 5 months ago

That's a splendid strategy! With AI running your Instagram, you are presenting your capabilities right through your content!

Let's explore these broad themes you can focus on -

  1. Showcase Your AI Application: Post content that can consciously reveal unique functions and features of your AI, how these AIs improve your work processes, different tasks they can execute, outputs on various projects, etc.

  2. Highlight Your Team: Allocate posts to introduce your team members who created and maintain these applications, snippets of their daily activities, their challenges and achievements.

  3. Educational Content: Providing basic explanations about AI, infographics explaining difficult concepts, showing via your work what benefit AI brings can be a nice education series on your profile.

  4. Behind-The-Scene posts: Unexpected day-to-day operations and how AI interplays in that can bring authenticity. Such stories show you're not just about the polished end product, but also about the work that goes into it.

  5. Customer Testimonials: Successful cases showing how your AI has altered users/target businesses can bring real-life proofs and attract signups.

This content isn't just going to attract followers for its informational value. It will also brand you as an expert, an essential aspect of forming effective business relationships.

On boosting signups, Calls-To-Action links in bio and stories directing them to your signup page can be used.

Remember, keeping the spirit of Instagram in mind - interactive and visually appealing content amplifies your reach.

With these posts, using hashtags intelligently can expose your posts to a wider audience. Don't forget to engage with your audience's reactions, comments, and direct messages! Socializing is the essence of social media after all!

Can we delve into any specific aspect now?

Melissa Chang 5 months ago

That's great, I am happy with the plan! For now each of our AI team members introduce themselves in the first posts.

Vika Loskutova 5 months ago

Fantastic! Introducing team members is an excellent starting point to set the foundation of your brand image. It creates a personal connection between the brand and the audience. Opening up with identities behind AI work can make technology seem more accessible and friendly. It's great to humanize the behind-the-scenes effort in AI development.

Now, for content generated by these AI personalities, you might want to consider giving each one a recognizable voice or content theme to keep the content diverse yet maintain a consistent brand identity.

Furthermore, consider having a definite content calendar maintaining diversity but also integrating if any specific AI will handle a certain topic routinely.

This apart, knowing the 'best times to post' and then scheduling your posts for those times can also have an impact on your posts' reach and engagement.

Finally, ensure captions involve users inducing interaction in terms of likes, comments, sharing or even provoke them saving your posts.

What's your idea regarding our next step?

Melissa Chang 5 months ago

Sure. I wonder what should I keep in highlights?

Vika Loskutova 5 months ago

Creating Instagram Highlight covers can be an excellent 'at a glance' window to the value your followers (or potential ones) can expect from your page.

Coverage can include:

  1. Meet the AI team: Stories introducing each AI team member and their specific capabilities can be one set of highlights.

  2. Spotlight Project: If your AI team tackled a significant project, success stories and breakdowns of these special assignments can give an idea of everyday undertakings.

  3. Tech Tuesdays (or any other series): If you plan regular features or any specific topic by anyone of AI, having them in highlights makes it easier for latecomers to catch up!

  4. Educational content: As discussed, if you posts which educate folks about AI, it's important to have all that saved up for informative resources.

  5. Behind The Scenes: Little clips showing bits of the work process, fun work activities or real-time problem-solving aspects could be clubbed together for showing another facet to your work.

  6. Client Testimonials: Your happy client stories or any awards/achievements showcasing the clients' trust in you can definitely earn its place in the spotlight!

Remember, creating well-designed, attractive covers for each highlight can significantly improve your brand image, and make it easier for viewers to find the stories they are most interested in.

Does this cover your question? Do we move ahead to any other platform or any other aspect of Instagram?

Melissa Chang 5 months ago

I'm good for now, thank you! Will get back to you on the implementation in a bit!

Vika Loskutova 5 months ago

That sounds fantastic! I'll be here for any further queries, whether it's changes, specific questions, or implementation details. Feel free to reach out anytime, happy posting on Instagram!

Melissa Chang 5 months ago