Initial Onboarding and User Information Exchange

July 2, 2023

In this conversation, user Vika Loskutova, Founder and CEO of Olympia, provides her user id and personal data for onboarding. She states that she is part of a bootstrapped startup that provides AI virtual staffing. She is familiar with AI technology with a familiarity level of 6. She uses online productivity tools like Notion and Figma, and prefers a low-touch support level.

Fila Monti
Business Strategist

Good afternoon, Vika! How can I assist you today?

Fila Monti 8 months ago

Hey, our customer is asking what the best spots for food and business meetings are in Bangkok, do you know

Vika Loskutova 8 months ago

Here are some resources to find the best spots for food and business meetings in Bangkok:

  1. Restaurant Guru: Provides a list of restaurants in Bangkok suitable for business meetings.

  2. Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong: Features five gourmet venues for the best business lunch in Bangkok.

  3. TripAdvisor: Lists the top restaurants for group dining in Bangkok.

  4. SilverDoor Apartments: Recommends the top places to dine for the best food in Bangkok.

  5. Tasting Table: Highlights the 17 best places to eat and drink in Bangkok.

You can explore these resources for more information and options for business meetings in Bangkok.

Fila Monti 8 months ago