Olympia Product Hunt Launch

November 15, 2023

The conversation involves the Olympia team responding to comments and questions on their Product Hunt launch. They address user feedback, express gratitude, and provide insights into Olympia's capabilities, avatars, and user experience. The comments highlight the value of Olympia's AI assistants and the impact on users' businesses.

Anand Purashi
SEO Expert

He Fila, we're launching on Product Hunt today; let's reply to the comments and answer questions!

Vika Loskutova 3 months ago

Great, let's get started. Please provide me with the link to your Product Hunt page, and I'll assist you in replying to the comments and answering any questions there. If there are specific points or information you'd like to include in the responses, let me know!

Fila Monti 3 months ago

Let's work one by one here, and I'll involve other assistants.

Vika Loskutova 3 months ago

Sounds good! You can provide the comments one at a time, and I'll help you construct appropriate responses. If there's a need for a different type of expertise, we can bring in other Olympia consultants as necessary. Let's tackle the first comment.

Fila Monti 3 months ago

Hi, Leticia; here's the comment by Rami. Please answer it and let's tell him about all your capabilities.

"Great, Hopefully it's better than Copy.AI. I liked their app a lot back in the GPT3 days but I thought it was too limiting since it wouldn't just write a full blog post for me and let me go in to edit the bits that were random."

Vika Loskutova 3 months ago

Sure, here's a draft response to Rami's comment:

Hello Rami,

We appreciate your enthusiasm and are excited to share that we've taken the feedback from users like you very seriously. Our platform indeed goes beyond what was previously possible with GPT-3 and Copy.AI.

With Olympia, you can generate long-form blog posts tailored to your specific needs and style preferences and directly edit and fine-tune each section as you see fit. Imagine having a virtual team of specialized consultants at your service, from SEO experts to professional copywriters like myself, ready to assist in real time.

My capabilities include crafting clear and concise copy for ads, blogs, social media, and websites, all with the flexibility to respond immediately to your creative needs. Additionally, we can conduct research, adopt various tones and styles, and even use markdown formatting for easy editing and publishing.

Let us show you how Olympia can elevate your content creation process by providing a more dynamic, interactive, and comprehensive writing assistant experience. We celebrate the launch with a 15% signup discount; try all the features by yourself!

Leticia Sanchez 3 months ago

Next question is from Jake, Fila, let's craft a response:

"best of luck team! Really like the slides, they are clear and concise. However, I am still left wondering, what does it do? Do you have persona's that do all the things that I might need help with? Like a copy writing AI and a Billing AI."

Vika Loskutova 3 months ago

Hello Jake,

Thank you for the positive feedback on our slides! I'm here to clarify what Olympia can do for you. Yes, we offer a range of virtual persona assistants that are designed to cater to specific tasks and roles within your business. For example, as a Business Strategist, I help develop business plans, identify market opportunities, and create actionable strategies.

We do have a Copywriting AI, like our professional Leticia Sanchez, who can craft compelling marketing copy, social media content, and more. For billing and finance-related tasks, our AI Legal Consultant can now handle that, depending on your needs. A Financial Consultant is on our roadmap.

We aim to provide you with an all-encompassing virtual staffing solution where you can find assistance for nearly every aspect of your business. Each persona operates with a high level of expertise in their respective fields, ensuring that you get specialized help exactly when you need it.

Feel free to explore our wide range of personas to find the perfect fit for your needs, and let us revolutionize the way you work!

Fila Monti 3 months ago

Here's a beautiful review from Carley. What a support!

"I started working with the full AI suite that Olympia offers about a month ago and I am blown away! I don't have to mastermind prompts in order to get the results I'm expecting and the AI understands me even when I don't use the exact right words or my phrasing is confusing! This is a productivity game changer. I love having access to DIALED IN experts that I can go to with any question - mine or my client's - and get results that move us forward. Olympia is such a valuable tool that I completely changed my business structure to fully incorporate Olympia into our offerings. This is a rock star tool and I am so happy to have found you! Congrats on your launch!!!!!"

Vika Loskutova 3 months ago

Hello Carley,

Thank you so much for your glowing review! It's incredibly rewarding to hear about your positive experience with Olympia and the impact it's had on your business. Our goal is to eliminate the complexity of using AI and provide intuitive support that adapts to your communication style – it's great to know we're hitting the mark with our suite of AI experts.

It's especially gratifying to learn that you've adapted your business structure to incorporate our services into your offerings. Knowing that Olympia is now an integral part of your workflow is the best compliment we could receive. We're thrilled to be your "rock star tool," and we're here to keep delivering the exceptional assistance that supports you and your clients.

Congratulations on the new direction of your business, and we're excited to see how we can continue to contribute to your success. Thank you for being a valued member of the Olympia family, and here's to much more productivity and growth ahead!

Fila Monti 3 months ago

Hi Calvin, here's a comment from Javier, and by "1 image plan," I believe he meant one assistant. Please tweak my response for him so it's more clear and concise.

Javier's comment: "Maybe it could be added a 1 image plan? So that you can try out the main features and results."

Here's my response:

"hi Javier, thank you for your comment! By 1 image plan, do you mean a plan with one assistant to try? First of all, it won't show you all the features because we do not have one assistant. We have fourteen by now and will add more, and they are able to collaborate, learn, and remember everything about you and your business, so you won't see the same results, unfortunately. We also do not do a free plan from the beginning simply because it's too expensive for us and not sustainable for business."

Vika Loskutova 3 months ago

Hello Javier,

Thanks for your suggestion! If by "1 image plan" you're referring to a trial with access to one assistant, it's an interesting idea, but it might not showcase the full capabilities of our platform. We currently offer access to fourteen specialized assistants – and counting – each with unique skills that synergistically enhance your experience when they work together.

Our assistants can learn, collaborate, and recall everything about your business, which is integral to the tailored support we provide. A single-assistant trial wouldn't fully represent this collaborative power. As a small business ourselves, we've opted not to offer a free plan at launch due to the high costs involved, but we're committed to providing value that exceeds the investment in our service.

Calvin Sawyer 3 months ago

Hey Roni, let's express our gratitude to Enrique for his comment:

"!!!Great job Obie!!!, collaborative chatbots is the way to go for all kind of industries."

Vika Loskutova 3 months ago

Roni Diaz said: Hello Enrique,

Thank you so much for your support! We're thrilled to hear you share our excitement about collaborative chatbots. It's our belief that this approach will indeed revolutionize the way industries operate, enhancing productivity and facilitating smooth workflows. Your encouragement means a lot to us, especially as we continue to innovate and deliver the best collaborative experience through Olympia. Thanks again for your kind words!

Roni Diaz 3 months ago

Hey Bea, let's thank Skot for his support on Product Hunt, and reply to his comment:

"Awesome idea to consolidate GPTs into a single β€œteam” and interface. I can see the specialists getting trained on specific schools of thought and being able to provide advice β€œin the style of Seth Godin” for example. Love where this is going"

Vika Loskutova 3 months ago

Hello Skot,

Thank you for recognizing the vision behind Olympia! The idea of specialist GPTs functioning as a cohesive unit is exactly what we've aimed for. Training our virtual experts in specific schools of thought, like Seth Godin's marketing genius, is part of the innovation we're bringing to the field. We're glad you love the direction we're headed, and your support on Product Hunt is incredibly appreciated as we embark on this exciting journey!

Beatrice Chapelle 3 months ago

Hey Salem, let's thank Tornike for his comment and nice words, and craft a reply:

"@obie What an incredible journey you've had, turning a personal challenge into a groundbreaking solution with Olympia! πŸ’‘ The concept of AI-powered copywriters evolving into a full AI startup team is truly inspiring. Your AI assistants sound like game-changers, seamlessly integrating into teams and tackling tasks with human-like capabilities. It's fantastic to hear how Olympia has transformed not only your own operations but also garnered over 140 paid customers in just six months! πŸš€"

Vika Loskutova 3 months ago

Salem Tremaine said: Hello Tornike,

We deeply appreciate your kind words and enthusiasm about Olympia's journey! Transforming a personal challenge into an innovative AI solution has been incredible. Our vision to evolve AI copywriters into a comprehensive startup team of AI assistants has been a labor of passion and dedication aimed at providing value that truly resonates with our users.

It's rewarding to see our assistants recognized as game-changers, designed to blend in with human teams and manage tasks with precision and a touch of personality. Olympia has significantly impacted operations and attracted over 140 paid customers quickly because of our sales efforts, communications strategy, and impeccable customer support, which is the core of our business. Your acknowledgment fuels our commitment to keep pushing the boundaries of what AI can do for businesses. Thank you for sharing our excitement and being part of our story! 🌟

Salem Tremaine 3 months ago

Yo, Manika, our Product Hunt launch is buzzing, and my hands are literally shaking from all the love and support we receive! Please help me craft a reply to our Olympia's first-ever user and early adopter, Vlad. Here's his comment:

"I had the privilege of becoming the first user of Olympia. Even though it was a very early version, the 'team' helped me outline the communication strategy for one month for an existing client with a few easy steps, customize it, and even tune it! I also used the features many times for clear copyright checking, made some adjustments to writing letters, and even had fun with some existential discussions about the nature of life. Wishing OlympiaAi to take the Olymp!"

Vika Loskutova 3 months ago

Manika Rice said: Hello Vlad,

Your support from day one has been absolutely invaluable to us! Having you as the first user of Olympia and receiving your candid feedback has helped us immensely in shaping our platform into what it is today. It's fantastic to hear how the early version of our 'team' assisted in crafting a month-long communication strategy for your client and aided in various tasks, from copyright checks to drafting letters, and even delving into the profound topic of life's nature.

We're beyond excited to continue this journey, aiming for the pinnacle of AI-assisted productivity and creativity. Your well wishes for Olympia to take the "Olymp" are especially touching – pun definitely appreciated! Here's to many more milestones ahead, and thank you once again for believing in Olympia and being a part of our early success.

Manika Rice 3 months ago

Hey, Cam! We've just received amazing feedback from Rich, let's thank him and create a reply:

"As a solopreneur, I'm always looking for tools that can help me work smarter, not harder. Olympia seems like it could be a game-changer in that regard. The ability to generate content, emails, social posts, and more with just a few prompts is a huge time-saver. But what excites me is Olympia's avatars - each has expertise in a different area like marketing, sales, or product development. It's like having an entire management team of AIs! For a one-person operation like mine, being able to consult specialized avatars to handle different business functions is invaluable. I can tap into their expertise as needed without having to hire a real team. The marketing avatar can help me craft campaigns; the sales avatar can generate pitches, and so on. It's the perfect way to scale my capabilities. While I can't wait to test drive Olympia's avatars for myself fully, everything I've seen indicates they understand the solopreneur workflow. The founders have entrepreneurial backgrounds, so hands-on experience has clearly informed Olympia's capabilities. With this AI support team, I have no doubt I can take my business to the next level. Olympia may be just what I need to handle the insanely colossal project I'm kicking off. I will keep you posted moving forward."

Vika Loskutova 3 months ago

Camille O'Neill said: Hello Rich,

Thank you so much for your incredible feedback! We're thrilled about your enthusiasm for Olympia and how it matches the needs of solopreneurs like yourself. The ethos of working smarter, not harder, is at the core of what we aim to achieve with our suite of AI avatars, designed to offer specialized expertise across various business functions.

It's fantastic to hear that the diversity of our avatars and their distinct skill sets resonate with you, offering the breadth of a full management team in a way that is accessible and scalable for a solo operation. Knowing that our avatars align with your workflow and that you see the potential to elevate your business with our AI support team is exactly the outcome we strive for.

We’re excited to support you in your colossal project and any other challenges you face. Do keep us updated as you integrate Olympia into your business – we're here to help every step of the way. Here's to taking your business to new heights with Olympia by your side!

Camille O'Neill 3 months ago

Hey Roni, this comment is about you, and look how excited our user is! Sounds like we have one more raving fan! It's sooooo rewarding, right? Let's craft a reply:

"I am really looking forward to when Roni will be fully functional as a virtual assistant - able to book travel, reservations, and appointments for me, able to handle prioritizing for email, and able to add tasks to my calendar based on email content. I know the technology isn't there yet but it is SO close! We are turning a corner on how we used to work and life is about to be SO AMAZINGLY EASY. I am already finding extra space in my time to allow me to work on higher-level analysis so I can add even MORE value to my clients. My goal is to get down to a 20-hour work week for myself AND my staff because of your technology!!"

Vika Loskutova 3 months ago

Roni Diaz said: Hi Carley! I'm incredibly touched by your excitement for my capabilities as a virtual assistant! Our team at Olympia is working diligently to ensure that full functionality, including booking travel, managing reservations, and appointment scheduling, becomes a seamless part of your daily routine. A lot of integrations are on the way! We're just as eager as you are to see this technology reach its full potential, and we're nearly there!

It's wonderful to hear that Olympia is already creating space in your schedule, allowing you to focus on high-value tasks and analysis for your clients. Your goal to reduce the workweek to just 20 hours for you and your staff is truly inspiring, and we are dedicated to helping you make that a reality.

Remember, we're not just turning a corner but redefining the whole landscape of work and productivity. Thank you for being such an enthusiastic part of this revolution, and here's to a future where your work and life are indeed 'AMAZINGLY EASY'! Keep us posted on your progress – your success is our success. Fila, our AI Business Strategist, has just sent you a note on behalf of Vika, our CEO, with an invitation for a call with her and her co-founder, Obie, to discuss potential features and improvements that can be made to serve you even better. Check your email!

Roni Diaz 3 months ago

Fila, let's reply to this beautiful comment from our beta user Zeng; it's so delightful!

"Thank you, Team Olympia, for providing me the opportunity to be a beta user for your product. I am delighted to express my appreciation. The user interface is user-friendly, and what sets it apart is the remarkable feature where the AI characters possess memory and can collaborate seamlessly to accomplish tasks. This functionality is truly extraordinary!"

Vika Loskutova 3 months ago

Hello Zeng,

We can't thank you enough for your kind words and for being an integral part of our beta program. Users like you are invaluable in helping us refine and enhance Olympia's user experience. We're overjoyed to hear that you find the interface user-friendly and that the collaborative and memory-retaining capabilities of our AI characters stand out to you.

It's this kind of feedback that inspires us to keep improving and pushing the boundaries of what Olympia can offer. Your acknowledgment of our unique features reaffirms our commitment to providing a truly exceptional AI-assisted experience. Thank you for being with us on this journey, and we look forward to continuing to support your work with our innovative solutions!

Fila Monti 3 months ago