SEO Keyword Trends Discussion with Olympia's CEO

June 16, 2023

Obie Fernandez, the CEO of Olympia, inquired about the top SEO keyword trends in 2023. The assistant initially indicated its inability to provide real-time data, but after Obie enabled Google search capability, the assistant shared trends revolving around themes such as AI and Machine Learning, VR and AR, remote work and virtual collaboration, green tech and sustainability, and data privacy and security. The assistant emphasized the importance of refining keyword strategies based on specific business needs and target audiences.

Anand Purashi
SEO Expert

Good afternoon, Obie! How can I assist you with your SEO needs today?

Anand Purashi 9 months ago

hey Anand, what's the hottest keyword trends in 2023?

Obie Fernandez 9 months ago

As a machine learning model, I cannot provide real-time data or predict future trends. However, I can share that in the domain of AI virtual staffing, some evergreen keywords that generally stay relevant are "AI-powered virtual assistant", "intelligent virtual staffing solutions", "automated staffing", and "AI in HR". But it's always a good strategy to conduct your own keyword research periodically to understand the latest trends. Shall we discuss how to do that effectively?

Anand Purashi 9 months ago

I just turned on your Google search capability, could you try again?

Obie Fernandez 9 months ago

Sure thing, Obie! The hottest SEO keyword trends in 2023 revolve around a few key themes:

  1. AI and Machine Learning - Keywords related to these concepts are increasingly popular as more businesses are incorporating these technologies into their operations.

  2. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) - As these technologies become more mainstream, related keywords are gaining traction.

  3. Remote Work and Virtual Collaboration - Given the continuing trend towards remote work, keywords in this area remain important.

  4. Sustainability and Green Tech - With growing awareness around environmental issues, green technology and sustainability-related keywords are on the rise.

  5. Data Privacy and Security - With cyber attacks on the rise, keywords around data security are becoming increasingly important.

Remember, these are broad trends and it is always best to refine your keyword strategy based on your specific business and target audience.

Would you like to know how to incorporate these trends into your SEO strategy?

Anand Purashi 9 months ago