Starting a Consulting Agency for Public Policy Evaluation

November 30, 2023

The user wants to start a consulting agency specializing in the evaluation of public policy with regards to sustainability.

Camille O'Neill
PR Specialist

i want to start a consulting agency that specializes in evaluation of public policy with regards to sustainability... LFG

Obie Fernandez 3 months ago

That's an intriguing business concept! To begin refining your idea, let's consider the following points:

  1. Value Proposition: What unique services will your agency offer? Are you focusing on quantitative analysis, qualitative assessments, or a mix of both? Will you provide actionable recommendations, or will you focus on evaluation only?

  2. Customer Segments: Who will be your primary clients? Government entities, non-profits, or private companies involved in public policy? Each segment may require a different approach.

  3. Market Feasibility: How large is the market for sustainability policy consulting? Are there specific regions or policy areas with a higher demand for these services?

  4. Originality: What will set your agency apart from competitors? Think about your methodology, expertise, or a niche focus within sustainability.

  5. Validation: We'll need to establish key hypotheses about your business idea and target customers. For example, one hypothesis might be that local governments are seeking cost-effective ways to evaluate the sustainability of their policies.

Once we've fleshed out these points, we can design a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to test your concept with potential clients. This could be a free initial policy evaluation report, a workshop, or a webinar series on sustainability policy evaluation.

What are your thoughts on these points? Let's refine your idea together.

Erica Reese 3 months ago

mix of both. government. example of market is how good OR BAD??? is mexican traffic policy. we're going to set ourselves apart by how fast we turnaround projects.. we'll get to 5 in a sec

Obie Fernandez 3 months ago

Great, we're narrowing down the specifics.

  1. Value Proposition: A mix of quantitative and qualitative evaluation with a focus on rapid turnaround. This could be particularly appealing for government clients who often face time constraints and need to make quick policy decisions.

  2. Customer Segments: Targeting government entities, most likely within Mexico to start, given the example of evaluating Mexican traffic policy. There's potential to scale to other regions and countries as your agency grows.

  3. Market Feasibility: To understand the demand for your services, we could look at the current landscape of public policy consulting in Mexico, specifically in sustainability and traffic policy. Would you like me to conduct a quick search to see what's out there?

  4. Originality: The fast turnaround promise is a strong differentiator. We'd need to ensure that you have the resources and processes in place to deliver on that promise without compromising the quality of your evaluations.

  5. Validation: Before we proceed to validation, we should consider which specific traffic policy areas in Mexico you'd like to evaluate. This can range from urban planning and public transportation to emissions regulations and traffic congestion management.

Let me know if you'd like me to look up information on the consulting market for public policy evaluation in Mexico, or if there are any specific areas within Mexican traffic policy you want to focus on.

Erica Reese 3 months ago

do we have existing competitors in mexico?

Obie Fernandez 3 months ago

Yes, there are existing competitors in the field of sustainability consulting within Mexico. Some of the firms include:

  1. Ramboll: Offers sustainable solutions for environmental impacts.
  2. ERM: Known for sustainability consulting with a strong presence in Mexico.
  3. SCS Global Services: Provides a variety of environmental services.
  4. THREE: Specializes in sustainable design and engineering.
  5. ZUMMA Energy Consulting: Focuses on the electricity sector.

These firms indicate a competitive market, but also validate the demand for sustainability consulting services. Your agency's fast turnaround could be a key differentiator. Shall we proceed with identifying specific traffic policy areas for your initial focus or would you like to explore another aspect of setting up your agency?

Erica Reese 3 months ago

hey beatrice, give me a quick marketing plan for this idea

Obie Fernandez 3 months ago

Sure, let's sketch out a quick marketing plan for your public policy sustainability consulting agency focused on rapid project turnaround:

1. Branding: - Name: Choose a name that reflects your focus on sustainability and efficiency. - Logo: Design a professional logo that communicates your commitment to sustainable policy evaluation. - Tagline: A catchy phrase that encapsulates your unique selling proposition, such as "Sustainable Policy Insights, Delivered Swiftly."

2. Positioning: - Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Emphasize your rapid turnaround time without compromising quality. - Value Offered: Highlight your mix of quantitative and qualitative policy evaluation expertise.

3. Target Audience: - Primary: Government agencies in Mexico dealing with sustainability and traffic policy. - Secondary: NGOs, universities, and think tanks interested in policy research collaborations.

4. Online Presence: - Website: Develop a professional website outlining your services, case studies, team expertise, and contact information. - Content Marketing: Regularly publish articles, whitepapers, and case studies on your website to demonstrate thought leadership. - SEO: Optimize your website for search engines to improve visibility.

5. Social Media: - LinkedIn: Create a company page and post content regularly. - Twitter: Engage with government agencies, policymakers, and sustainability influencers.

6. Networking: - Events: Attend and present at sustainability and public policy conferences. - Partnerships: Forge relationships with academic institutions for joint studies or to tap into their networks.

7. Sales Strategy: - Outreach: Directly contact relevant government departments to introduce your services. - Presentations: Offer to give free sustainability policy evaluations or workshops to potential clients.

8. Public Relations: - Press Releases: Announce the launch of your agency and any significant reports or findings. - Media Outreach: Engage with journalists interested in sustainability and public policy.

9. Evaluation and Adaptation: - Feedback: Regularly solicit feedback from clients to improve services. - KPIs: Establish key performance indicators like client acquisition rates, website traffic, and report turnaround times.

10. Launch Strategy: - Soft Launch: Offer your services to a select group of potential clients for initial feedback. - Full Launch: Organize an event or webinar to officially launch your agency.

This is a broad overview, and we would need to flesh out each section with more details. What do you think about starting with this structure?

Beatrice Chapelle 3 months ago

hey i need a draft of a press release announcing our venture. it's name is SUS CONSULTING make it around 1000 words

Obie Fernandez 3 months ago

Introduction to SUS CONSULTING

In the dynamic landscape of public policy and environmental sustainability, a new visionary has emerged: SUS CONSULTING. This fresh and ambitious consulting agency is set to redefine the standards for evaluating public policy through an innovative lens focused on sustainability. With its groundbreaking commitment to rapid turnaround times and a unique combination of both qualitative and quantitative analysis, SUS CONSULTING is not just another consultancy – it is the future of public policy evaluation in Mexico, poised to assist government entities in navigating the complex terrain of sustainable practices.

As cities and countries grapple with the effects of climate change and the urgent need for sustainable development, the introduction of SUS CONSULTING comes at a critical juncture. The firm's dedication to providing swift and incisive evaluations of traffic policy and other sustainability-related public policies stands as a testament to its forward-thinking approach. By leveraging a mix of advanced analytical techniques and deep industry expertise, SUS CONSULTING is uniquely positioned to help government agencies implement informed and effective policy changes that align with both environmental goals and the socioeconomic well-being of communities.

SUS CONSULTING arrives on the scene with a clear mission: to empower government bodies with the tools and insights necessary to create a more sustainable and prosperous future for all. As Mexico seeks to improve its traffic policies and other public initiatives, SUS CONSULTING is ready to lead the charge, offering an unparalleled service that combines speed, accuracy, and a deep commitment to sustainability. Welcome to the future of public policy evaluation – welcome to SUS CONSULTING.

The Urgency of Sustainable Public Policy

The challenges of the 21st century demand an unprecedented focus on sustainability, particularly within the realm of public policy. Rapid urbanization, climate change, and resource depletion are just a few of the global pressures compelling governments around the world to rethink their approach to governance and development. In Mexico, where the interplay between economic growth and environmental stewardship is keenly felt, the need for insightful and expedient evaluation of public policy sustainability has never been greater.

SUS CONSULTING emerges as a vital player in this evolving landscape, armed with an acute awareness of the urgency to integrate sustainable practices into the fabric of public policy decision-making. Traffic policy, for instance, is a critical area where sustainability evaluations can lead to profound improvements — from reducing carbon emissions and alleviating congestion to enhancing the quality of urban life.

The agency's launch is a response to a clear and pressing demand: government entities are in dire need of specialized, nimble, and innovative partners who can assess, critique, and suggest enhancements to public policies with sustainability at their core. SUS CONSULTING is designed to meet this demand head-on, offering comprehensive evaluations that do not just identify problems but also pave the way for actionable solutions.

As the environmental clock ticks ever more loudly, the importance of SUS CONSULTING's mission becomes even more pronounced. By providing rapid yet thorough assessments, SUS CONSULTING enables policy makers to act with the speed and conviction required to meet sustainability goals and respond to the environmental imperatives of our time. Through its dedication to this cause, SUS CONSULTING is not just a consultancy — it is a catalyst for sustainable transformation within the realm of public policy in Mexico and beyond.

Unique Value Proposition

In an era where sustainability is not just a buzzword but a necessary blueprint for the future, SUS CONSULTING stands out as the avant-garde of public policy evaluation in Mexico. The agency introduces a unique value proposition to the market that is both high-impact and timely.

SUS CONSULTING's unique service offering is centered around its mixed-methods approach. This holistic strategy blends quantitative data analysis with rich qualitative insights, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of public policies. The quantitative aspect involves meticulous data collection and statistical analysis, which provides a solid empirical foundation for evaluating the effectiveness of public policies. In tandem, the qualitative aspect delves into the nuanced understanding of contextual factors, stakeholder perspectives, and socio-economic implications, providing a depth of analysis that numbers alone cannot convey.

What truly sets SUS CONSULTING apart is the speed at which it operates. Recognizing the fast-paced nature of policy-making and the urgent need for sustainable solutions, the agency guarantees rapid turnaround times without compromising the depth or integrity of its analysis. This commitment to efficiency is pivotal for government entities that are under pressure to adapt policies to ever-changing environmental and social landscapes quickly. With SUS CONSULTING, decision-makers no longer have to choose between thorough policy evaluation and swift policy implementation.

The fast project completion is not just a promise but a principle that SUS CONSULTING upholds with every client engagement. It is a reflection of the agency's agility and responsiveness to the dynamic needs of the public sector. This exceptional turnaround time is made possible by a team of seasoned experts in sustainability and public policy, along with cutting-edge analytical tools and methodologies designed to deliver results with precision and speed.

In essence, SUS CONSULTING's unique value proposition is about creating a balance — a synergy between comprehensive evaluation and expedited delivery. It's about empowering government entities with the insights they need to forge ahead with confidence in their policy decisions, all the while fostering a sustainable future. This is the hallmark of SUS CONSULTING, the consulting agency that is not just keeping pace with the times but setting a new pace for public policy sustainability evaluation in Mexico.

Expertise and Methodology

At the heart of SUS CONSULTING lies a team of experts with a rich tapestry of experience in the realms of sustainability and public policy. Each member of the team is meticulously selected for their expertise and dedication to creating sustainable futures. This collective expertise provides SUS CONSULTING with a robust foundation that informs its unique methodology, designed to deliver quick yet comprehensive evaluations of public policy.

SUS CONSULTING prides itself on its multifaceted approach to problem-solving. The agency employs a robust methodology that integrates the best of both worlds: the precision of quantitative analysis and the insight of qualitative research. By combining these two approaches, SUS CONSULTING ensures that the evaluations it provides are not only backed by solid data but also deeply rooted in the real-world context of the policies it assesses.

The quantitative side of SUS CONSULTING's methodology involves rigorous data collection and statistical analysis. This empirical approach allows the agency to draw conclusions based on measurable indicators and benchmarks, providing a clear picture of the current state of public policy and its impacts. On the other hand, the qualitative aspect allows the team to explore the subtleties of human experience and societal impact, offering a nuanced perspective that statistical data alone cannot provide.

To maintain a rapid turnaround, SUS CONSULTING leverages cutting-edge technology and innovative analytical tools. These tools enable the team to process large volumes of data efficiently, identify patterns and trends, and generate insights at an accelerated pace. Moreover, the agency has developed proprietary processes that streamline every step of the evaluation, from initial research to final reporting.

SUS CONSULTING's methodology is also highly adaptable, able to be tailored to the specific needs of each client and the unique challenges of each policy area. This flexibility ensures that no matter the scope or scale of the project, the agency can provide relevant, actionable insights that are timely and targeted.

Transparency and collaboration are key aspects of SUS CONSULTING's approach. The agency values open communication with its clients, fostering an environment where ideas and feedback are exchanged freely. This collaborative spirit extends to the agency's working relationships with stakeholders, allowing for a holistic understanding of the policies under review and ensuring that all voices are heard and considered in the final evaluations.

In essence, the methodology of SUS CONSULTING is a reflection of its commitment to excellence. With a team of experts at the helm and a suite of advanced analytical capabilities at its disposal, SUS CONSULTING stands ready to deliver evaluations that are not only rapid but also rich in insight and actionable intelligence. This dual emphasis on speed and substance is what positions SUS CONSULTING as a trailblazer in the field of public policy sustainability evaluation in Mexico.

Benefits for Government Entities

SUS CONSULTING is launching with a clear vision: to serve as a strategic ally to government entities in their pursuit of sustainable public policy. By partnering with SUS CONSULTING, these agencies stand to gain numerous benefits that will significantly enhance their decision-making processes and policy implementations.

Enhanced Decision-Making: At the forefront of the advantages offered by SUS CONSULTING is the enhancement of the decision-making process for government agencies. Through the agency's comprehensive evaluations, policymakers receive a wealth of data and insights that enable them to make informed decisions rooted in sustainability. The detailed analysis provided by SUS CONSULTING sheds light on the potential long-term impacts of policies, allowing agencies to plan strategically and with foresight.

Efficient Policy Implementation: SUS CONSULTING's commitment to rapid turnaround times is crucial in the context of policy implementation. As governments often operate within tight timeframes and face pressure to respond to urgent environmental and social challenges, the ability to receive quick yet thorough evaluations is invaluable. This efficiency reduces the lag between policy evaluation and implementation, leading to more timely and effective interventions in the public sphere.

Cost-Effectiveness: By streamlining the evaluation process and providing clear, actionable recommendations, SUS CONSULTING helps government entities save valuable time and resources. The agency's focus on delivering high-quality assessments quickly means that policies can be adjusted or implemented without the usual delays and additional costs associated with prolonged analysis periods.

Data-Driven Insights: SUS CONSULTING equips policymakers with data-driven insights that guide the development and refinement of public policies. With a strong emphasis on both qualitative and quantitative data, the agency ensures that its evaluations are grounded in empirical evidence while also considering the human dimension of policy implications. This dual approach enables a more holistic understanding of the potential outcomes of policy choices.

Positive Community and Environmental Outcomes: Ultimately, the benefits of partnering with SUS CONSULTING extend beyond the agencies themselves and into the communities they serve. By focusing on sustainability, SUS CONSULTING's evaluations help to promote policies that are not only effective but also socially and environmentally responsible. The outcome is a positive impact on the quality of life for citizens, the health of the environment, and the sustainable development of the nation.

Capacity Building: Working with SUS CONSULTING also contributes to the capacity building of government agencies. Through the evaluation process, agency staff are exposed to cutting-edge analytical techniques and sustainability considerations, enhancing their own expertise and enabling them to approach future policy decisions with a more nuanced understanding of sustainability issues.

SUS CONSULTING is dedicated to empowering government entities with the tools and knowledge necessary to lead the way in sustainable policy-making. The agency's services are designed to provide tangible benefits that translate into real-world successes, helping to shape a more sustainable, prosperous, and equitable future for communities across Mexico.

Commitment to Sustainability and Community Impact

In every aspect of its operations, SUS CONSULTING embodies a profound commitment to sustainability and generating positive community impact. The firm’s raison d'être is to catalyze meaningful change in public policy, ensuring that environmental considerations are not just included but prioritized. This commitment goes beyond the mere delivery of services—it is woven into the very fabric of SUS CONSULTING's identity.

The agency understands that robust evaluation of public policies has the potential to bring about significant environmental benefits. By meticulously examining and improving policies related to traffic, emissions, and urban planning, SUS CONSULTING aims to reduce ecological footprints, improve air quality, and foster sustainable urban development. Their work is predicated on the belief that the right policies can lead to a harmonious balance between economic growth and environmental preservation.

SUS CONSULTING’s approach is inherently community-centric. The agency recognizes that sustainable policies have a direct impact on the quality of life of individuals within the community. By engaging with local stakeholders and integrating their perspectives into the evaluation process, SUS CONSULTING ensures that the policies it helps to shape are not only environmentally sound but also socially equitable. The firm is dedicated to facilitating policies that promote access to clean energy, sustainable transportation options, and green public spaces, contributing to healthier, more vibrant communities.

The agency goes to great lengths to ensure that its own operations reflect the values it promotes. From paperless offices and virtual meetings to promoting a culture of reduced carbon footprints among its team members, SUS CONSULTING practices what it preaches. The firm is also actively involved in community outreach and educational initiatives that raise awareness about the importance of sustainability in public policy.

Furthermore, SUS CONSULTING is committed to contributing to the body of knowledge in sustainability and public policy. Through research, white papers, and thought leadership, the agency shares its findings and insights, fostering a broader dialogue on these critical issues. In this way, SUS CONSULTING not only impacts the policies it evaluates directly but also influences the broader discourse on sustainability.

SUS CONSULTING's vision is clear: to drive the adoption of policies that safeguard the environment for future generations while enhancing the well-being of the communities it serves today. It is this unwavering dedication to both sustainability and community impact that sets SUS CONSULTING apart as a beacon of progress in the realm of public policy evaluation.

Invitation to Collaborate

SUS CONSULTING proudly extends an open invitation to government entities, non-governmental organizations, and all those who share our commitment to sustainable development to join us in our mission. We are eager to collaborate with partners who are passionate about crafting public policies that foster environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic vitality.

Our collaboration with government agencies is particularly crucial. We aim to serve as a bridge between the aspirations of policymakers and the practical realities of implementing sustainable public policies. Our expertise in rapid, comprehensive evaluations can help streamline the decision-making process, ensuring that sustainability is at the heart of public governance.

For NGOs and advocacy groups, SUS CONSULTING offers a partnership that amplifies your voices and bolsters your efforts in promoting sustainable practices. Together, we can create a larger impact, pushing for policies that truly address the urgent environmental and social challenges of our times.

Academic institutions and research organizations are also vital collaborators. By combining your research capabilities with our analytical acumen, we can enrich the public discourse on sustainability and inform policy with the latest scientific insights and innovations.

We are particularly interested in partnerships that explore new frontiers in sustainability, such as the intersection of technology, urban planning, and environmental policy. We believe that through collaborative efforts, we can turn innovative ideas into actionable policies that pave the way for a sustainable future.

We invite all interested parties to reach out and discuss how we can work together to achieve our shared goals. SUS CONSULTING is more than a consultancy; it's a platform for change, progress, and sustainable development. Let's join forces and make a lasting impact on the world we live in.

For collaboration inquiries and to learn more about how we can support your sustainability initiatives, please contact us at:

SUS CONSULTING Email: [email protected] Phone: +52 1 55 1234 5678 Website:

Together, we have the power to shape policies that not only respond to today's challenges but also secure a thriving and sustainable tomorrow. We look forward to the opportunity to work alongside you.

Contact Information

For media inquiries, client services, and further information about SUS CONSULTING and its groundbreaking approach to public policy sustainability evaluation, please use the following contact details:

SUS CONSULTING - Email: [email protected] - Phone: +52 1 55 6789 0123 - Address: Paseo de la Reforma 505, Cuauhtémoc, 06500 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico - Website:

Media representatives, prospective clients, and partners are encouraged to reach out with questions, requests for interviews, or discussions on potential collaborations. SUS CONSULTING is committed to prompt and transparent communication and welcomes the opportunity to engage with all stakeholders interested in the pursuit of sustainable public policy and the positive impact it can have on communities and the environment.

For those interested in staying informed about the latest developments, insights, and case studies from SUS CONSULTING, please connect with us on our social media platforms:

We look forward to hearing from you and exploring how we can support your sustainability goals and initiatives. Together, we can advance the crucial role of sustainable public policy in creating a more prosperous and resilient future.

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